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Versutia Solutions South Jersey Informat

Your business

is our business.

Versutia Solutions is an industry expert in three key areas: Communication, Connectivity & Cybersecurity. Our firm has unparalleled relationships with the industry's leading suppliers in those spaces.  We take a 100% vendor agnostic approach, working from your side of the table to bring the right solution to meet your needs.


Data, specifically connectivity is the lifeblood of business today. Let us help you obtain, manage and security this valuable asset that drives nearly all aspects of your business.


Today's telecom is so much more than your old-school dial tone. Cloud Communications lets you truly work from anywhere. With over 700 providers in the UCaaS market, let us help you navigate these crowded waters and find the right solutions for your business.


You've worked hard to get where you are today. Don't let oversights in security cause what you've built to come crashing down. Let our security experts protect your business from bad actors who would do hard to your data and your business. 


Cloud Services go far beyond email these days. Cloud backup, Disaster Recovery, Colocation... oh and sure, email still.  Leverage cloud technology to reduce costs, improve efficiency and bolster data security and reliability.



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